Christmas Favorites! 🎅🎄

Know someone who also struggles with migraine? Put a smile on their face this Christmas with a gift from our Migraine Buddy Store! Select from a range of merchandise with #relatable designs and advocate for migraine awareness at the same time! 💞

✅ Stay warm as the weather changes with our comfy Hoodies!

✅ Paste Stickers on your devices for an encouragement boost during a tough day!

✅ Decorate your walls with a Poster that perfectly describes how you're feeling!

✅ Reward yourself with a warm cup of your favorite drink in our cute Mugs!

From now till 15 December, we are holding a 15% off sale for all store products! 🌟

* discount is applied automatically upon checkout 😉

As it is a busy time of the year for deliveries everywhere, do check on the suggested last order dates below for the best possibility to receive your items in time for the holidays. 🎁

United States (8 - 12 Dec)

Europe (4 - 5 Dec)

Canada (3 - 5 Dec)

Other Countries

Please check here for suggested dates of last orders for delivery to other countries.